Terms of Service


The quoted price for Feathers and Fur Express LLC services only includes the services listed on this quote and contract. If any additional services are requested, required, or incurred, you (the client) will be responsible for the additional expense. This quote will expire in 5 days.

Feathers and Fur Express is not hired until receipt of this signed contract and all other items listed in the “Next Steps” email, which includes your passport, vaccination records (if your pet is not vaccinated let us know immediately), and deposit.

Feathers and Fur Express LLC is not responsible for any additional costs. The above quote can change due to circumstances that are out of Feathers and Fur Express LLC control. If any rates change, you will be notified with update and reason. Additional cost may result from additional days of boarding due to travel arrangement changes that are out of Feathers and Fur Express LLC control, airline policy changes, airline embargo restricting dates of travel or causing airline changes, incompatible cargo, inadequate documentation and health information, unacceptable carrier provided by owner, necessary veterinary medical needs.

Feathers and Fur Express LLC is not responsible for any flight arrangements you make for yourself in order to fly with your pets, which includes changes in flight if your pet is unable to get on the scheduled flight.

Failing to follow our instructions may result in delays and extra costs. Feathers and Fur Express LLC is not responsible for these delays or extra costs.

Fees may apply if a pet-owner’s veterinarian causes a need for any re-processing due to inexperience or mishandling. Using your own vet is fine, but all final documents must be verified by Feathers and Fur Express LLC.Fees may apply due to a pet-owner’s change of plans or schedule causing a need for re-processing. There may be an extra fee if the departure date is changed within 14 days of departure.


Although we do our best to eliminate changes in travel plans, Feathers and Fur Express LLC acts as an agent and is not responsible or accountable for airline flight changes/cancellations. Additional cost may result from additional days of boarding or weekend fees due to travel arrangement changes that are out of Feathers and Fur Express LLC control. Our policy is to ensure the safety and well being of the pet traveler.


A $500 deposit (if shipment total is under $2000) or $1000 deposit (if shipment total is over $2000) is due when the reservation is made more than 30 days before transport. 50% of the balance is due 30 days before transport, and100% of balance due 10 days before transport.  If payment has not been made in full by the due date or date of flight, the payment method on file will be used to pay any balance due.


If for any reason you decide to cancel your pet’s travel arrangement, a refund will be issued minus a $250 fee per animal on the reservation and any costs incurred, including personnel hours and material. No refunds will be given for cancellations within 10 days of travel or once we take possession of your animal.


Even though Feathers and Fur Express LLC takes a great number of details into consideration when planning your pet’s move, unforeseen circumstances may arise that are beyond our control. We cannot guarantee against illness, injury, or even escape at any time. We reserve the right to seek veterinary attention with choice of veterinarian and the extent of the medical services being left to discretion of the pet courier personnel. Any veterinary services needed will be at the owner’s expense regardless of its nature. We have faith in the airlines, kennel facilities, and independent contractors we choose, but once in their hands, we have no further control and assume no responsibility. We do guarantee to handle your pet(s) in the professional manner.


If owner is providing flight containers, a photograph much be sent to Feathers and Fur Express LLC showing your animal standing adjacent to the kennel 7 days before flight. Weight and dimensions of the kennel(l x w x h) must also be provided. If the kennel is refused by the airline, you will be charged to replace the kennel.


All required health documentation requested must be submitted to Feathers and Fur Express LLC via email as soon as the records are obtained by the veterinarian, a minimum of 3 days before flight, and before Feathers and Fur Express LLC takes possession of your animals.

**The health certificate must be completed by a USDA Accredited Veterinarian or a Military Veterinarian.

*A Military Veterinarian is defined as a Veterinary Corps Officer or civilian GS-0701 series government veterinarian employed by the U.S. Army Veterinary Service working at military treatment facilities.  It does not apply to Army Veterinary Service non-appropriated fund or Department of Defense civilian contract veterinarians.


Wherever multiple animals come in contact with one another, they may be exposed to common airborne canine viruses, allergens and digestive upset. Vaccinating your pet only protects your pet from known strains of viruses. Feathers and Fur Express LLC cannot control airborne viruses and allergens. If your pet becomes ill while boarding, the staff will contact you. If your pet becomes ill upon returning home, you must let us know as soon as possible.


By shipping with Feathers and Fur Express LLC, you are stating that your animal is not aggressive towards humans in any way. If your animal has ever bitten a human you must notify Feathers and Fur Express LLC before pick up of the animal. If your animal bites or attacks a human you will be responsible for any and all medical bills.


Tranquilized and/or sedated pets will not be accepted for flight.

Feathers and Fur Express will not transport any unnecessary items with your pet.

Any photos that are taken of your pet may be used for marketing, on social media, and advertising for Feathers and Fur Express LLC.

By signing, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the above proposal and to fully pay for all services outlined about before they are rendered. You are also agreeing to all of the following statements in this document/contract.