International Pet Shipping

Crate Requirements

When it comes to transporting your pet, there is a number of requirements that you need to adhere to.

Crate Requirements

  • Your pet must be able to stand up, turn around, and lay comfortably in the crate. When standing, there must be at least 3 inches of space above the head. When laying, animal should not have to curl its front legs to lay down. 
  • Crates must be made of hard, non-collapsible, leak proof material (no holes on bottom half of crate).  The crate must be solid and able to endure weight. 
  • No wheels allowed. 
  • Plastic screws, clamps, or slide locking side fasteners are not acceptable. 
  • Crates must have ventilation (holes) on all four sides.   
  • If your pet is timid, you can tape or mount a burlap flap to the top of the crate that can hang in front of the door to help them feel more secure (primarily for cats).
  • The door mesh must be metal, not plastic.Locking pins must extend at least 1.6 cm above/below door opening. 
  • No top loading/opening doors allowed.
dog sleeping in crate

Water and Food Dishes

  • A food and water dish (one for each) much be mounted inside of the crate. 
  • If you purchase these items, make sure they are large enough for your animals, as most are not. 
  • If possible, freeze water into the bowls the night before travel or bring ice to check in. 

Flooring & Bedding

The bottom of the crate must be lined with non-toxic absorbent bedding. We recommend lining the bottom of the crate with cardboard, such as from a broken-down box, then placing a blanket or towel on top of the cardboard. 

Crate Size Requirements

Correct Crate Size

Incorrect Crate Size

Crate Requirements you need to know

Not Allowed

Not allowed due to locking pin not extending 1.26cm
Clamps are not allowed – unless they are in addition to screws and bowls
Upward opening doors not allowed


Allows locking pin to extend 1.6cm
Screws and bolts are required
Forward facing doors only

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