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International Pet Shipping


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Will my pet fly on the same flight as me?

We cannot guarantee that your pet will be on the same flight as you. We book pet flights as cargo, so they are not attached to your passenger booking. Some of the aircraft also send passengers, but some are only cargo. All aircraft that pets fly on have a temperature and pressure portion of the hold for pets. We will inform you of the flight your pet is booked on, and you can book the same flight if it’s a passenger aircraft.

How long will my pet be in the crate?

Pets usually have to be checked in 4-6 hours before departure. Your pet may also be in the crate for a couple of hours after landing depending on the destination. If a layover is required, pets are taken out of the crate and provided food, water, and space unless you have been told otherwise.

Can I clear my own pet through customs?

Typically, yes, but this will depend on your pet’s destination. If we have included customs clearance on the quote as required, then you cannot clear your own pet through customs. If we have listed customs clearance as an optional add-on, then you can clear your own pet through customs. It’s usually a long process, but most people choose to clear their own pets through customs when they can.

Will someone be flying with my pet?

No. Once we check your pet into the flight, your pet will be in the care of the airline. Regardless of which pet shipping company you hire, your pet will be travelling alone if sent via cargo.

Can I send a bag of items with my pet?

No. Only the essential items can accompany your pet, such as medication, enough food for the trip, a leash, collar, and a small bed or blanket that fits well in the crate. We cannot send a bag with your pet or excessive items. All items have to be secured to the top of the crate.

Can you guarantee the flight date?

No. All flights are first come first serve, and we cannot guarantee the booking until we have been hired and requested the flight. Once we have the flight confirmed by the airline, it’s rare to have changes or cancellations, but it still can occur. We do try our absolute best to send your pet on or close to the flight date that you have requested.

How much do I have to pay upfront?

We require a $1000 deposit to begin working on your pet’s booking. 50% of the total invoice must be paid within 30 days of the shipments. We require the invoice to be paid in full 10 days before departure.
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We’ll treat your pets as our own

Every team member at FFexpress is also a pet parent, so we know just how important your fur baby is to you. We only use the best airlines and facilities to ensure your pet is receiving the best care possible.

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