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on International Dog Transport - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express

International Pet Shipping

Safe and Stress-Free International Dog Shipping

on International Dog Transport - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express

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International Dog Transport

We understand that your furry friend is not just a pet but a cherished member of your family. Planning to relocate or travel internationally with your dog? Our expert team is here to make the process seamless, ensuring your dog’s safety and comfort throughout the journey.

As a US-based pet shipping service dedicated to our canine friends, we proudly belong to the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association (IPATA), ensuring your dogs travel worldwide in line with IATA guidelines for their safety. Certified as IPATA pet shippers, our expertise guarantees that your dog meets all requirements of the importing country. Our dog moving service includes seamless door-to-door options, or we can tailor services to fit your budget, promising support and valuable guidance throughout the entire process. Your pup’s journey is our priority!

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USDA registered class H Intermediate Handlers and IPATA members.


We are fully licensed and insured, as are all of our drivers. We meet or exceed all local, USDA, and IATA safety regulations. We only ship pets using airlines with exceptional pet safety records or exceed all local and international safety certifications.


We handle all communications and documents through our secure client portal so that you have daily direct communication with your assigned pet travel agent.


We are one of the most affordable pet shipping companies in the industry. We also offer a variety of discounts for military members moving their pets.

We’re the best pet transportation service to help you organize international dog transport from the US to anywhere in the world.

Every country has different rules and regulations when it comes to dog arrivals, we can help you navigate all of this, confusion-free! We offer international dog shipping services to a wide range of destinations around the globe. If you’re moving countries, we can help you navigate the logistics.


Crate Requirements

The key to a smooth international dog shipping experience is ensuring your pet travels in the right crate. Our comprehensive guide provides information on crate requirements for international travel. We can help recommend an airline approved crate or orangize one for you. We prioritize the comfort and safety of your dog, and our experts are available to guide you through the selection process.

How to Measure Your Dog

Proper measurements are crucial for selecting the right dog crate for travel and to ensure your dog’s comfort. Our step-by-step guide simplifies the process, making it easy for you to measure your dog accurately. Follow our instructions to guarantee a snug and secure fit for your furry friend.

Correct crate size
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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Dog Internationally?

Embarking on an international journey with your beloved pet comes with unique considerations, and understanding the costs is a crucial aspect. The pricing for international dog shipping can fluctuate based on several factors, including your departure location, the destination country, the type of animal, breed, and weight.

It’s essential to recognize that shipping pets internationally often involves adherence to specific guidelines set by airlines and destination countries. Frequently, pets are required to travel as manifest cargo, diverging from the routing options and pricing typically associated with passenger tickets. This distinction ensures the utmost safety and compliance with international regulations.

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We’ll treat your pets as our own

Every team member at FFexpress is also a pet parent, so we know just how important your fur baby is to you. We only use the best airlines and facilities to ensure your pet is receiving the best care possible.

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