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Meet the Team

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Marck Maroun and his pet dogs

Marck Maroun 

Marck Maroun manages the company’s international relocation operations. I oversee client communications as well as orders. My main role is to assure client satisfaction. The safety and wellbeing of pets during transport is my number 1 concern. Traveling on a plane can be very stressful and induce anxiety in pets and owners alike. We try to get them to their destination in the least amount of time. I have always been around animals. Growing up, we had cats, dogs, birds, and even farm animals. I often tell people I speak animal. My wife Lindsey and I operate the company. We are a family-oriented business. When you book with us, you are getting the personal travel agent experience. All pets are family in our company. That is our branding statement.

Lindsey Maroun 

I’m Lindsey, and I am the co-founder of Feathers and Fur Express.  My sister, Angela, and I started this business shipping pet domestically across the US. Shortly afterwards, the company began shipping pets internationally, which is now the sole focus of the company. My husband, Marck, and I now run the company together.  We have three pets: a husky named Bobo, and cane corso named North, and a bearded dragon named Walter. Our pets are truly a part of our family, and we would never be able to part with them.  We take pride in helping people reunite with their pets.   

Lindsey on Meet the Team - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express
rebecca lord on Meet the Team - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express

Rebecca Lord

Growing up around animals fueled my passion for pets and their people. I went to work in veterinary medicine when I was 18. After many years of caring for pets in private practice, I turned my focus to shelter medicine. Shelter medicine led me to low-cost clinics. Non-profit veterinary services is a rewarding field that helped me keep pets with their families and out of the shelters. I earned my degree in business management and began my career in pet travel to help keep pets with their families in a new way.

My current pets include: a horse named Sure Foot Sioux, a chihuahua named Colby Jane, and a feral cat named Dax. 

Tyla Smith

My name is Tyla! Ever since I can remember, I have always been around and loved animals. I have been in the veterinary field for over 8 years. I have owned all kinds of animals all my life, such as dogs, snakes, frogs, Guinea pigs, lizards, you name it. Taking care of animals and being around animals has always been my lifetime goal. I currently have 3 dogs: a 7-year-old Great Dane named Dallas and two French Bulldogs named Camo and Casino. 

Tyla on Meet the Team - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express
Dominique and her cat


I’m Dominique! Similar to my amazing coworkers, I have grown up around animals as well; however, I took the path of teaching once graduating. After realizing I wanted to find a new path in life while still helping others, it didn’t take long to make my decision to join an incredible company that not only helps people but pets as well!

We all know and have experienced the stress of traveling; it is a wonderful feeling to know I am able to help fur babies and even those without fur reunite with the ones they love most.

Kaila Fernandez

Growing up surrounded by dogs, cats, and even a couple of rabbits, I learned early on that pets are family. Before embarking on my career in pet relocation, I proudly served 6 years in the US Air Force. Following my military service, I transitioned into management roles within several companies. Now as a pet travel agent, I enjoy coordinating a stress-free journey that assists my fellow veterans facing sudden relocations overseas. While I’m not yet a pet parent, I eagerly anticipate the day when I can have a Dachshund sidekick and a Bengal cat!

Kaila pic on Meet the Team - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express
America^0Pelusa on Meet the Team - International Pet Shipping from Feathers & Fur Express

America Guerrero

I’m America, and while I didn’t have pets growing up, my four chaotic feline companions have become my world. Joining this incredible team to assist with your furry (or feathered) loved ones was a no-brainer for me.

Before facilitating pet relocations, I navigated the logistics of packages as an Operations Specialist at Amazon. My diverse experiences include stints in the medical and non-profit sectors through various internships during my educational journey.

Now, I find immense joy and gratitude in contributing to the seamless movement of our clients’ cherished companions. Each day is a new adventure, and I am continuously thrilled to play a part in ensuring your pets’ journeys are filled with comfort, care, and wagging tails.

the ffe team

Our friendly team is here to help you with all your questions and support.

Whether you are shopping around, gathering general information, or one of our committed clients, we are readily available via phone or email to answer your questions.

Once we are hired, you will have full access to our client portal so that you have daily direct communication with your assigned pet travel agent. All of your files, communication, and pet data can be easily accessed by you or any of our team members so that there is always someone there to help.

FFExpress flew a pet bird overseas

“If you are looking to relocate your pet bird outside the USA, then this is the company for you. Feathers and Fur Express had the knowledge and experience, to walk me through all the documents that was required to do this. They were with me right up to handing (Studley my parrot) over for departure and his flight from Atlanta, and at the other end of his journey in the UK. Marck and Lindsey and their team are just amazing. Thank You”

Lynn B, Pet Owner

Baloo a dog, flew from LAX to Sri Lanka

“Excellent service for my baby. We were not the easiest clients and Feathers and Fur Express did an excellent job. Very experienced and reliable company. I would highly recommend them to anyone. During the move they were very responsive and sending updates of our baby. I worked with Rebecca and Lindsey, they are excellent at their job. My vet technician who worked on our health certificate told me that this was your favorite company they have ever worked with!”

Myriam B., Pet Owner

Pomeranian testimonial

“With only 10 days notice Feathers & Fur made it all happen, they were so kind, professional & made the process stress free. They delivered my dog happy in perfect condition into my mother’s arms on schedule, updating me on their great app with photos & messages all the way and reassuring me as my dog made the journey. I could not recommend them highly enough.”

Anoushka S, Pet Owner

two dogs sitting in a car

“We recently used FFExpress to ship our two pups to Europe. I couldn’t express my gratitude for them helping us!! We had a few hiccups but they did everything they could to help fix them. They took care of our two babies and made sure we knew they were safe the entire time. Would definitely recommend Feathers and Fur express to anyone!”

Mackensi S, Pet Owner


“We were at a loss for how to get our beloved pittbull/boxer mix from Atlanta to Girona, Spain. We’d almost lost hope when FFE gave us great recommendations on how we could be the process as smooth as possible with very clear instructions. We had no trouble, and our precious pup arrived with a wagging tail! Definitely a wonderful service!”

Ayesha M, Pet Owner

Mark Romanchock, pet owner in Paris

“Despite trying to move our Labrador from Houston during a pandemic and then a historic power failure on Houston, FFE came through for us. The team kept us in constant contact and went out of their way to help our veterinarian get set up with the USDA portal. Would highly recommend them for anyone moving pets internationally”

Mark Romanchock, Pet Owner

Emilie Dejardin - Pet Owner

“Marck was really awesome. He took care care of all the paperwork and kept us updated. Great communication, great service! Our rabbit made it back home safely. Thank you!”

Emilie Dejardin, Pet Owner