International Pet Shipping

Crate Size

All pets must travel in crates that fully meet IATA regulations.

Your crate length must be a minimum of the length of your pet (L) plus half of the length of the leg up to the elbow joint (E). The height of the crate must be taller than your pet, ideally with 2-3 inches of space above the head. Note that if you are shipping a snub-nosed breed, the crate must be at least 10% larger than otherwise regulated. This typically results in snub nose breeds needing one crate size larger than anticipated using the standard regulations.  

Correct Crate size:

Correct crate size

Incorrect Crate size:

incorrect crate size

We’ll treat your pets as our own

Every team member at FFexpress is also a pet parent, so we know just how important your fur baby is to you. We only use the best airlines and facilities to ensure your pet is receiving the best care possible.

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